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Welcome to the museum!

Museum Detective sends you on a treasure hunt in the Bulgarian museums and galleries and helps you unravel their secrets.


Welcome to the Archaeological Museum of Nessebar! Discover the treasures of Ancient Messambria and Medieval Nessebar and learn more about the ancient Greeks, Thracians, Romans and other peoples who inhabited the rich harbour. Unravel the secrets of tetradrachms, gray-black Thracian vessels, mysterious images of mythical…

The Golden Mask from Dalakova Mogila is covered in mystery. It is strikingly reminiscent of the famous golden mask of Agamemnon of Mycenae, although there are more than 5 centuries between them. It was found during archaeological excavations of the grave of an Odrysian ruler. The buried body has been dismembered, which is a typical practice of the Orpheism and its mysteries. The funeral mask is made of a natural alloy of gold and silver called ‘electron’. The wide-open eyes are a symbol of the inner vision possessed by those initiated into the secrets of the royal institution. The look speaks of the king's divine wisdom. The ruler was considered all- seeing (omnivident) like the sun. The wide-open eyes show that the king possesses secret knowledge inaccessible to others, through which he is able to see into the beyond.

The beautiful old house, once home to Dobri Zhelyazkov’s son – the first factory owner in Bulgaria, houses an exceptional collection of artefacts from different centuries and eras. The numerous priceless works of the Thracian mastery can make any world museum proud. We learn about…

Welcome to Sliven Art Gallery and more precisely to the hall dedicated to the wonderful Sliven-born artist Sirak Skitnik. What was his real name and who are the other famous Bulgarian artists whose paintings are hidden in the gallery? You can discover all these and…

This phial depicts the figures of Heracles and Auge, a princess from the Kingdom of Tegea, who was also a priestess of Athena. The scene is from the ancient Greek mythology - the hero seduces the priestess and thus fulfils the prophecy of the Delphian oracle. The vessel is a masterpiece of the ancient toreutics. It was given to the local Thracian rulers as a gift or as war spoils.

Welcome to Vratsa Regional History Museum. The beautiful building has in its collection exceptional finds from various periods and cultures. Here you can find out more about one of the first agricultural civilizations in the Balkans and in South-Eastern Europe and dive into the mysticism…

Founded in 1901, The Iskra History Museum is among the oldest and richest museums in Bulgaria treasuring over 70 000 original artefacts. The museum is famous for the golden, silver and bronze treasures coming from the Valley of the Thracian Kings. In its halls you…

The Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis – the ancient predecessor of today’s Plovdiv, is the biggest early christian church in our country. Its size and decoration as well as its proximity to the ancient city’s forum are evidence of the large and influential christian community Philippopolis…


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