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Regional History Museum Sliven

The beautiful old house, once home to Dobri Zhelyazkov’s son – the first factory owner in Bulgaria, houses an exceptional collection of artefacts from different centuries and eras. The numerous priceless works of the Thracian mastery can make any world museum proud. We learn about the life of the Thracians; their kings and warriors, weddings and funerals, magical rituals and mythical creatures, their belief in gods and the everyday life. In the museum you’ll find gold masks, silver rhytons, horse ammunition, ancient Greek ceramics, gold wreaths, weapons, jewellery – wonderful treasures that spent centuries buried, waiting patiently to tell the incredible history of Sliven!
CitySlivenHistorical Period7000 years BC - 19th century ADWorking Hours09:00 – 18:00 (12:00 – 14:00 lunch break)AddressBulgaria, Sliven, 18 Tsar Osvoboditel BlvdSliven Museum GamePlay now!Share